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According to the Home Office analysis, 13% of the population in England and Wales were born overseas – that’s 7.5million people looking for answers.

Europeans in the UK is an association that informs, protects and pacifies European citizens already living in the UK who are looking to better understand what the impending Brexit will mean to you, as an individual or for an organisation looking to assist their employees.

We are not associated with any political party to ensure we give you the most unbiased and impartial news that is fair and accurate.

Our goal is to help you to claim your rights to reside, to work and to have access to the social and health services, the education and the pensions you have contributed to.

We are an independent collective lobby, with legal support, to be present during the Brexit negotiations. We will also engage in giving out information to EU citizens about their options. This is a means we centralise any information you may need, so you stay informed and on top of the topic at large. Most importantly, we are you, so we will be as accurate as possible in representing you.

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UNITE FOR EUROPE National march to Parliament

Date: 25th  of March at 11am

Where: Park Lane, London

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Brexits impact on higher education

Date: 7th of February 2017 at 18h30-20h00

Where: Kingston-upon-Thames

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